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This is a hunger games blog. I feel inclined to say that this is not a spoiler free blog so I can have a bigger range of THG stuff to post. Please do not follow me if you haven't read the series. I do not want to ruin your experience.
Less sophisticated sounding (lol) : I am in love with the series and get very emotional when someone starts talking about it even casually. I don't spam or send Anon hate or troll because that is rude :P
99% the best book in the world aka The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
1% personal or funny posts
Also, the theme is very new (nope) and the color scheme may be off (yes, I am horrible with colors). And I may not post very often right now because I am slightly busy with school & family & everything-off-the-internet stuff. (trying to get back into my old insane tumblr schedule.
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drinking hot chocolate with Peeta

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I am going on hiatus for a while. I loaf you all. I just have a lot to deal with right now. 

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“I remember the first time I saw you. Your hair was in two braids instead of one. I remember when you sang in the music assembly and the teacher said “who knows the valley song” and your hand shot straight up. After that, I watched you going home everyday. Everyday.” 

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I am trying not to kiss my computer. Oh wifi. How I love you. I felt so deprived omg. I have to go to school so I am trying not to cry. Hi new followers. I am sorry my Grandma doesn’t have wifi. I got to watch old lady shows all week! ….. I don’t want to goooo to schoooolll.

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I am so soorrrrryyyyy that I haven’t been on. I am going on vacation but don’t worry! I haven’t abandoned you completely! I shall post when I find wifi hot spots. I love youuuuuu.

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Josh casually laughing at his own joke.

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